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7050-Switch – Laptop + Dual Monitor Mount

Ideal for active workplaces, the 7050-Switch dual monitor arm supports your laptop and two flat panel monitors from one point on the desk. This laptop and dual monitor arm positions three screens for maximum comfort and productivity while working at your primary desk. When it’s time to leave, just grab your laptop and go.

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7050 – Height-Adjustable Laptop + Monitor Mount

Ideal for active workplace environments, the 7050 height adjustable laptop and monitor arm allows mobile workers to combine their notebook with a full-size monitor for the enhanced productivity that comes with using two monitors while making the most of an open-concept benching system.

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7011-8252 – Height Adjustable Laptop Stand with Oversize Notebook Tray

Innovative's 7011-8252 laptop stand is just what you need to make your notebook user-friendly and ergonomically comfortable. Simply place your laptop on the holding tray - the articulating arm renders it weightless while enabling one-touch adjustment to change height or position. When you're finished working, simply move the laptop arm out of the way, or [...]

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8501 – Winston Workstation Laptop Holder Kit

Turn your Winston Workstation into an ideal solution for the active workplace. The laptop holder kit combines our Winston sit-stand Workstation with an articulating laptop arm and tray, so mobile users can take advantage of standing in the workplace while remaining on-the-go. To use Winston Workstation with the laptop holder kit, please order this item [...]

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